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Home Renovations - Making Your Home Beautiful

Steps to making renovations a fun and positive experience:

1.  Start dreaming about…

  • Higher market value of your home
  • Increased equity in your home
  • Beautiful living area
  • Energy efficiency
  • Functional space

2.  Rank in order of importance what you want to do
Base your ranking on investment return or lifestyle needs.  Below is a list of popular renovations.  The return is the estimated increased value of your home in relation to what you spend (Appraisal Institute of Canada). 

75 – 100%
75 – 100%
50 – 75%
Finished basement
50 – 75%

3.  Determine what is possible
In a survey conducted by President’s Choice Financial, 64% of people who undertake renovations do not consider the costs when shopping for a mortgage. Structure, building codes and by-lays may limit what and how you renovate.  There's nothing worse than planning a project and discovering it's not allowed (CMHC).  Talk to Robin Jensen about municipal building and permits Phone: (403) 554-3250 or email.

4.  How can you afford it?
In many cases, you can refinance your mortgage to pay for your renovation without increasing your monthly payments.  Apply today and we'll work with you to make your renovation happen.  

5.  Pick good people to work with
At Canadian Mortgage Experts - Canada First, we want to see your renovation project materialize.  We are specialists in residential real estate financing and believe in working with good people who share our work ethic and values.  View our trusted trades that we use for our own homes.

6.  DISCOUNTS!  Make your money go far
When you work with us, we want you get the most out of your renovation.  We have partnered with local business in Calgary to offer you contractor pricing for your materials. 

7.  Get to it

Remember that your home WILL get messy!  If you’re buying a home and thinking of renovating it, you may want consider living in your current residence while you complete the project on your new home.  Apply online and can work with you to make this happen. 

When you renovate your home, you're investing into an asset that will pay for itself!

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