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Do you have Excellent Credit and Expect PLATINUM results? You might want to read this...

Your excellent credit habits and good job security dictate that you are not a security risk to a lender. At Canadian Mortgage Experts - Canada First we understand that, and we have more than the "big banks" vying for your mortgage business. This is only good news for you.


In many cases, the big banks are kept 'in check' by the offerings that the mortgage lenders offer to borrowers just like you. What does that mean? It means that the big banks want your business. In a lot of cases, they expect your business...but do they deserve it? They have your accounts, and in some cases they have your investments. Quite candidly, they offer ONE set of lender guidelines and in a lot of cases the best rates are not upfront. Shouldn't your mortgage be at an institution that will deliver the best of the best, ALL of the time. The good news? We not only deal with Mortgage Lenders, but we also deal with a number of the big banks! You get the best of BOTH WORLDS.

When we say that we open the doors to "the best of the best" from what's on the market, that's exactly what we intend to provide. There are many different rates, programs, products, and companies on the market. At any given time, we will have our sights set on the BEST of the best for your credit and employment accomplishments.

Want the best...and EXPECT the best because that's what you deserve from the beginning. We realize that it takes hard work to keep your credit sparking clean, and a job that is tenured in your profession. Working with Canadian Mortgage Experts - Canada First will streamline your time, and surpass your expectations to a mortgage that will satisfy your needs. We are not satisfied until you are.

What does excellent credit and solid job tenure look like? In the eyes of the lenders it looks like this:

  1. CREDIT: You must have at least two credit trade lines (either credit cards, or loan) with a minimum of $1500 limit (flexible), that has been in operation for at least a 24 month period. Your credit score is 680 or greater with little to no late repayment history. You do not have any major late payments, collections, judgements, or written off accounts.

  2. JOB TENURE: You have been in the same line of work for a minimum of 2 consecutive years. Professional's in a field that demand educational requirements can attribute their time in 'study' as part of their time dedicated towards the time 'in field'.

Streamline your needs with our straight-forward mortgage professional service. Keep expecting the best by contacting us today for your mortgage needs. What's the BEST that could happen?

Are you a professional Engineer? Consider this...


Secured Line of Credit: Prime + 0 %
  • 0.5% refund of the initial balance (applicable to legal fees, appraisal fees and mortgage penalties) or access to the best promotion at the bank on refunds.
  • Platinum MasterCard is required with this program (Inquire within for more details).
The Line of Credit can be very useful. Some options for your plans that have to do with your financial picture...
  • Investment portfolio
  • Purchase a revenue property
  • Pay off/consolidate other high interest debt
  • Business growth
  • OTHER!

If you're an Engineer and can provide evidence of your profession (ie.: Degree or APEGGA) Then this is available to you! Please note that the Line of Credit must be sitting in first position, or in second position behind your National Bank 1st mortgage.

Contact us today to discuss your special LINE OF CREDIT option!


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