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Did you know that as of the end of 2010 / early 2011 - only two thirds of Canadians knew what a mortgage broker is, and what they do? 

Many people who we are in contact with, already know our function - however if you’ve landed here and still don’t know what we do, I urge you to take the next 2 minutes to familiarize yourself with our role, our function, and how we can benefit and assist in your financial goals...and here’s the best part:  99% of the time, it’s FREE.

As a mortgage broker, we have access to many lenders that are looking to provide loans for people who are looking to purchase a home, or refinance a home.  That means that if you’re in a position to purchase a home, refinance a home, or need a Home Equity Line of Credit - your first stop should be here.  Why not my bank first, you ask?  I’d like to discuss that for a moment as this is where I want to expose our value...

Over the past decade, mortgage brokers have flown their “lowest rate” flags.  And in many cases, we won over the banks.  In nearly all the cases, we are leaders to obtaining the best rates on the market...through major banks, and through lenders who are only in business to provide “mortgages” (not credit cards, or savings accounts...just - mortgages.)  Rate is important...there’s no question.  Times evolve, and major banks that we see on the street corners have lost some market share to the broker community.  In seeing that our competition (the banks) becoming hungry for more mortgage business, this actually exposes our strengths

It is NOW that you be exposed to exactly what Canadian Mortgage Experts - Canada First can do for you.  You will find the following areas of service provided to you, at no charge throughout the life of your mortgage:

  1.  Choose the best option in terms of mortgage to fit your lifestyle, goals, and dreams
  2.  Administrate and Facilitate:  We work directly with your lawyer and realtor so that any external stresses are eliminated, making sure all parties are looked after with administration of paperwork and instruction.
  3.  We work with the lender to negotiate conditions on your mortgage
  4.  We work to find a way to eliminate your mortgage debt sooner, so that you can focus on other areas of life, faster!
  5.  We will expose potential pitfalls in mortgages advertised in the marketplace.
  6.  We are visionaries in creating a more structured  financial future with your home.
  7.  We work with your financial representatives; making sure that all of your financial goals are in line with one another.

We know that rate is important, but at Canadian Mortgage Experts - Canada First...that’s just the beginning!

More questions about what we can do?  Feel free to let us know....we’d be happy to discuss! or 403-294-0033


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