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Fixed....Variable...?? How about BOTH?

When thinking about what type of mortgage to choose, obviously a conversation with your mortgage broker will help you pave the way.  But consider this before you have that conversation; if the thought of a fixed vs. a variable mortgage is confusing in this uncertain time - you’re not alone, and there is likely an answer that will diffuse your frustrations.

You may have heard talk about “hybrid” mortgages - or, mixed component mortgages - or, 50/50 mortgages.  These types of mortgages have the capacity to alleviate the confusion of what’s in your best interest.  You have the ability to split your mortgage into different types of mortgages....let’s look at an example:

Let’s say you are entering into a $250,000.00 mortgage.  You’re not certain that you want to lock it in for a fixed term...yet you’re uncertain of the variable rate market.  Why not challenge the best of both worlds by splitting your mortgage up?  You can take $125,000.00 of that mortgage and place it into a fixed term (any fixed term), and the other $125,000.00 of that mortgage and place it into a variable term.  OR... take $100,000.00 of that mortgage into a fixed, and $150,000.00 into a variable - the choice is YOURS!

Mortgages can be confusing; let’s face it, all the lenders are vying for your business and there’s certain allowances that some have over others.  Before you make a decision, make sure you’re informed of the most up-to-date DISCOUNTED rates and lender could save you time, money...and (sometimes most importantly) - piece of mind.

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